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If you like bright lights, good vibes, and a good time I encourage you to join me on my journey! My one rule is that you respect and love others regardless of their differences. If you can do those things I promise you that you won’t regret it. <3

Who am I?

Hey loves,

My name is Marlei (Mar-lee) and I’m a Pop/R&B singer. My other genres include Electro/Dance/Club/ DarkPop/Disco/ Hip-Hop! If you like any of those I encourage to you follow me on Instagram I have some great things in store. I post covers on my accounts so feel free to DM me any requests! :)

I love anime and I also enjoy Korean, Japanese and Chinese food! I’m a gamer girl, and I love simulation games as well as RPG’s (but I’m not afraid to play multiple genres and kick some butt in Mario kart). Animal Crossing has always been one of my first love’s, and The Sims will always be an OG as well. I am a pisces, and I’m definitely a dreamer that won’t stop until she achieves what she’s going for. I’m kind, loving, and always a shoulder to lean on whether that be through my music or conversation.

Every queen deserves a crown, and I’m not afraid to prop mine up on my head full of braids, curls, or coils. Anything that’s sparkly, covered in glitter, or iridescent is something I would love to buy or wear. It truly fits my aesthetic!

Lastly, be on the lookout for my upcoming releasse!

What I offer:

  • - Custom songs!

  • - Custom “Happy Birthday” videos/ w personalized Birthday message!

  • - Invitations to Private concerts or events!

  • - Merchandise! (Coming Soon)

My Goals:

My goal is to share my gift of music with people so they can feel happy to be alive, whether that means loving your significant other, sobbing over a heartbreak, or dancing your heart away. My goal in making music is to give people something you can sing and relate to. My music resonates with bad*** energy as well as vulnerability. If you really click with the vibe I’m giving off feel free to reach out to me or check out some of the offers I have above. I also love to have conversations so feel free to reach out on Instagram anytime!

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